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Are Traffic Exchanges Valuable?

Traffic Exchange – What are they all about?

If you have been in online business for quite some time, you probably have heard about traffic exchanges which promises you to give more traffic to your website. Sounds great, right? Because traffic to your website means more potential customers for you, the more the better, right?

How Does It Work?

There may be some slight differences among the various traffic exchanges, but they all basically work the same way. First, you have to register with the traffic exchange, after that Input the link for your website, and then visit other websites in the exchange. As simple as that! The more websites in the exchange you visit, the more your link shows up for other people in the exchange to visit. People visit your website as it shows up in the exchange.

Does it mean the more traffic you get the better?

In a general sense, that is a true statement. More traffic is good. But there is a catch when it comes to traffic exchanges. Not all traffic is good traffic.

Let us imagine a scenario…

Let’s say you belong to a local business group in your area. One of the benefits of such groups is that it forms relationships among the various business owners, so that when one of them needs what you’re selling, they buy from you, and vice versa.

But instead of buying stuff from each other, you will just visit their stores in exchange for them visiting your stores without actually buying anything, just purely visiting each other. So one day a week, I spend the day going from store to store, walking into the store and walking out. All the business owners in the group do the same thing with my store.

Now my question to you: How are any of us benefiting from that? Do you think it is valuable and not a waste of time?

But traffic helps my Rankings on Search Engines…

Traffic exchanges became a hit because of the idea that Google placed more value on sites that got a lot of visitors. When a site gets many visitors, it must be because the site contains many valuable and quality contents. But in traffic exchanges that becomes irrelevant. Sites are getting visitors because people were exchanging visits, not because the content was valuable.

Google has gotten more sophisticated since the old days. There are other metrics to help determine a site’s real value such as the following below:

  • The average time spent on the site
  • Number of pages visited per session
  • Bounce rate (percentage of visitors who leave after visiting only one page)
  • Backlinks from high reputation pages
  • Diversity of visitors by location

There are many other factors, but you get the idea. Remember that a site with loads of visitors to open the site and immediately close it without staying to read your content will not help your rankings.

Traffic Exchanges don’t help my rankings but aside from that does it do any harm to my site?

Not really. Traffic exchanges will not help you with your rankings and conversions it can also do harm and hurt your business. How? Here are some of the few reasons how it can hurt your business.

  • It can take up your valuable resources. Have you heard of DoS attacks? DoS means Denial of Service. DoS attacks is when your site are getting loads of visitors, bogging it down making your legit visitors from loading your page. Every person who visit your site are taking up your resources and your don’t want to your resources to be used by people who have no chance or no intention of buying any or your products. So it is better to save your resources and make them available to legitimate people who are truly interested in what you are selling or offering.
  • Worthless traffic can hurt your rankings. People from traffic exchanges will be visiting as many websites as quickly as possible to earn credits for their own websites. This will send your bounce rate through the roof and your time per visit into the basement. Those things will kill your rankings.

Rather than spending your time visiting different websites for traffic exchanges why not create valuable content for your website, engage with your visitors using comments and promote your site on social media. It is not worth and just a waste of time visiting websites that you have no interest with just so the owners will visit yours.

Is there any alternatives for Traffic Exchanges that I could use to get more traffic?

Definitely YES! There are many legit ways to boost traffic to your website. Here are a few of them.

  • Create high quality, relevant and valuable content – lots of it.
  • Make sure that your contents have good keywords
  • Don’t forget to have a comment section in your blog and encourage your readers to comment. Take time to reply with the comments and make an engaging replies.
  • Share your content on social media.
  • Use tools, like keyword tools or comprehensive traffic tools.
  • Beware and avoid of black hat SEO techniques.

All these techniques are legit and they are considered by Google as not a cheating method.

Google rewards people who use their search engine by providing them with valuable content. It is that intent for which they wrote the search algorithm. If you use the legit ways and follow white hat SEO methods then you will be fine.

Black hat techniques are methods Google does not approve of, and traffic exchanges is one of them. Cheating on Google’s algorithm so that you will not need to write as much content or wait as long to get a good writing does no good. Eventually Google will trace and find out, many of these have been eliminated through Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. 

Although some are still in use because it has not yet figured out on how to penalize websites that use them. But for sure one day Google will update its algorithm and be able to punish those who are trying to game the system. So there is nothing to worry about every time Google updates as long as you are using the legit techniques.

Wrap up

To sum it all up, traffic exchanges will not help you at all. It can even hurt your rankings when you use them, so it is best to just avoid them altogether.

There are plenty of ways to build traffic to your websites that is safe, just avoid the shortcuts as the legit ways involve some work and effort. You just need to follow your passion, write what you love and make sure that your contents are around with the right keywords. These are the simple formulas that you need. It may take you awhile to get traffic this way, but it will be a lot more permanent when it does happen.

If you have any more ideas and knows other way in getting more traffic, you can share them on the comment box! Thanks for reading!


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