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In today’s post on blogs, we’re going to discuss the kinds of content that are suitable for your blog so that you can start monetizing your work and make it profitable. Right from the beginning, let me explain that there is no fixed scope of the content your blog should have…You can write about whatever you’re interested in.



The difference between having a profitable blog that will bring you income on a regular basis month after month and a one that is not profitable is what you find within that blog to a degree. I am not talking about the ads or the design of the website here, rather what you have for content.

Let me ask you, would you rather read your college professor’s lecture notes or a book by your favorite author? Most people would say the author I think. This is the same for blogs. If you try to go to ‘heavy’ with your content, you will lose readers…

Novels appeal more to your interest, and they are not as mind-numbing as those lecture notes I mention above that your professor publishes. It is the same for other people – most like to read more “light” stuff and will gravitate to that most of the time.

People log on to your blog again and again not because of information although that is a part of why they stop by. They also are looking for information they cannot obtain easily, without doing some effort, and better still it is nice to stop by when they can go through it in a relaxed manner and where the information is presented in an easy to understand writing style.

The bottom line on this point is that to attract more visitors and also keep your current visitors coming back again and again, always add that human touch to all of your blog posts. How I add this in is by imagining a conversation with someone…

How would I speak to that person across from me, what kind of words would I be using, and most certainly I would not be speaking as if I am a professor. An extra bonus for your readers if you are so inclined would be to add in a bit of humor, as in a few funny comments or experiences in your articles where suitable and they would fit.

This is not that different from holding a conversation with your friend, or?


Yet one more important key point that I want to add here…Your writing style should not be designed for the masses, rather as if you are speaking to a single person. If you do try the plural route, what can happen is that it will sound like a major speech rather than a conversation.

Doing this can help build a rapport with your readers because they feel that you are speaking to them, not to everyone. Over time, they will feel like they are getting to know you, especially if you can throw some of your personality and humor into the mix of the content.

This will also cement to the reader that you do have a personality, one that is unique and offers value to them. Human beings are curious by nature so quite naturally they want to know more about you. Give that to them in your writing style and content. You will build a following much faster.

Having such a distinctive personality that shows through in the content of your blog can really make you stand out from all the other bloggers out there that may be in the same niche. You speak with a separate voice in that niche, offer value, and are entertaining and informative. This is all good.

What you are really doing is building a brand. Think of Apple, Nike, Coke, Microsoft, etc. People immediately recognize the names and some of the personalities that lead these companies, some more and some less. You want people who hear your name to associate you with whatever it is your blog is about (in a good way, not a bad way).


It is very simple. Brands are built to gain the recognition from the masses of targeted audience members that then will come to that brand to buy what it is they offer. The people trust that brand and the products they are selling. Brand loyalty may be ‘poo-poo’d’ by people, but it works.

You can do the same as the big companies. Having a small following will lead to a big following over time. The larger your audience gets, the more it becomes a self-fulfilling end game. You will sell more through your blog. You then can add in reviews, sell your own products, and make even more profit.

There will be some majot posts here on the website regarding specific ways to build your brand. The bae of your whole presence online can be the blog website you create, but there are many ways to use other platforms to augment that blog site and build your brand.

These days the internet has leveled the playing field when it comes to access to the masses. You can easily reach many thousands of interested readers using the social platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc. I will show you over time how best to do that…

Remember, it is all about attracting people to your content, and then over time using the relationship that you build to offer value products and services that you know readers need, based on the research you did at the start of your venture…

Exciting stuff, I always love to expand on the potential of blogging…


So, the lessons for today are: (1) simply write as an equal friend to your visitors, write to them as if you’re talking to a single person and establish your own personality on your blog, and (2) always keep in mind that you are building a brand so that you can get more readers that want to come again and again to your website.

Once you have the mindset that this is the path you will follow, along with some other points that we will mention in other posts, you can build your blog with that intent. Every action you take will be focusing to a degree on this, and you will waste less time, be more effective, and attain success faster!


Dave : )

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