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As a starter, you must realize something – your blog that you plan and create must be regularly updated or you will not be able to draw readers or get them to come back to your website. Therefore, it makes sense that you must always find be looking for fresh topics to write about…

In this post, we will cover that topic…

The last post I published went over how you need to write in a manner that will attract readers to your log and also how you can keep them coming back. If you have not read that yet, you can get there quickly by clicking HERE

This post will cover what kind of subjects you could possibly write about for your blog…


The very first option that I think a blogger should consider writing about can be any topic that he or she feels passion about and is interested in.

The whole idea behind blogs is that you are going to present relevant and engaging content to your audience so they do not have to finD it themselves. Remember you have chosen to take this blogging project because you eventually want to escape your mundane job…

The engaging part is what you are tapping into when you write about something you have a passion for. If you are interested, it will be easier to write in a manner that others will get excited and passionate as well. If your force yourself to write about something that you do not care about or have an interest in you are fighting an uphill battle to get something decent that people will want to read.

Another reason that I am asking you to write about something that you really care about is when you do so, your feelings and emotion will show through in the content…Let’s face it – if you really do not care about a subject but write just to write, the tone of the writing will likely reflect this and readers will know. In the last post I wrote about adding your personality to your prose.

If you force yourself, you will not be writing in a style that is welcoming nor engaging. You will lose readers or potential readers…


In my experience to now, you need to get into a routine….If at all possible, I recommend that you start posting to your blog at least once every day…It may not have to be a full-blown article or blog post, it could be answering comments or adding to content that you have already published.

This whole blogging effort is like a train that is moving down the tracks…Hard to get going, and it starts slow, but over time the momentum that is built up will keep going, almost routinely and it moves forward steadily, day by day…OK, it might just be a comment on a newspaper article you read today, or it could be a reaction to an incident that happened in your niche, or just about anything at all.

Think of yourself as a gigantic train. It takes a lot of effort to get you moving. First, you might just budge an inch and later trudge slowly on until you finally reach your full speed. Then, it’ll take a lot of effort to stop you instead!

At first, this is going to seem hard, and it is…It gets easier over time, though, and as the content flows easier for you, more and more content can be published. The cumulative work that you have put in when you keep at this will pay dividends when you can start monetizing the blog website.


Even if you have a passion for a great many subjects in your niche, and no matter how well you know the subject, there is bound to come a time when you run into that fabled wall for material. It happens to everyone, believe me…That is where some good brainstorming techniques come into play.

Here are just a few brainstorming techniques that I use myself (yes this happens to me too hehe)…

1) Look At The Competition. 

One of the best ways to brainstorm is to go and see what other bloggers are saying about stuff that is happening in your field of discussion at the moment. The very best way to find such related blogs is when you use the sites or There are other decent search tools you just have to look around. A Google search will give you lots of ideas. From these other competitive blogs, you can gather a lot of knowledge on your subject, see what others are thinking, and while there checking them out you can also add a comment on what others are saying on your own blog!

2) Go Beyond Related Niches.

If you start with the item above and do this regularly, over time people in the niche will start to get to know you. You can easily keep a conversation going and build on this…Subjects to write about will naturally come up within the conversation (take notes!) and this will alleviate the need to actively search for content to write about. You can also look for news articles related to your niche in the local newspaper or online through sites like and too.

3) Participate in Forums or Groups.

One avenue I am using more and more are the forums. Not so much the general subject forums either. I try to stick with the more focused ones that are discussing a particular sub-niche of the main subject. These are all very interesting targets for you since they are members and active…Using these, you can have deep conversations with such people having the same interests as you, and eventually, you will build up a whole pile of questions, answers and interesting directions you can go with your content. I suggest joining forums that are closely related to your niche…Be careful, though – don’t join EVERY forum there is out there. Try one or two that are the most popular, and branch out from there.  These people can be your friends immediately and also can help you later to gain traffic and generate profits.

4) Google Trends.

This is a great tool to see what is popular on any subject you can imagine. Simply check on your niche and use the alphabet soup technique where you start with one main keyword and then start adding one letter of the alphabet, a then b then c, etc. The search tool itself will come up with suggestions as you progress through the alphabet.

5) Query Your Readers.

There may be some subjects that your readers would be very interested in having you cover. You are doing the research and then writing on the desired subject, so they will often be more than happy to share this kind of thing with you…

6) Check Out Videos or Television/Cable News Channels

I find it useful to look into other communication channels that people are using for content related to the niche you all belong to…What are the TV stations talking about, what are the talk shows saying, news channels, etc. Other sources such as podcasts or even YouTube channels can be helpful…

7) Take a Break and Walk A Little.

If ALL else fails, take a short break. This could be a walk, as I do sometimes, or it could be anything else that will allow you to step away from the work and just let your brain relax….The ideas will come when you allow them to, and sometimes stress can inhibit the flow…


OK, now that you have figured out how to get plenty of content to write about, you need to post as often as practical. I know that many start the blogging thing on the side, many have regular jobs or family that take their time up to a large degree. Remember to keep up your momentum of posting at least once per day (or more if you have a lot of content to write about) so that the major search engines will know that your blog has fresh content

I would suggest once a day at least, two if you can. They do not have to be 3 to 4 thousand word posts, they can be short like this one is and address just one single point. It does not have to take a LOT of your day…The point is that you want the search engines to note that you are adding content daily – within a short time, they will start coming back to the site daily see what is going on…This in tiurn will gain you extra traffic as your authority rises with the search engines.


OK, there you have it! Post often, and come up with a constant flow of fresh ideas for your blog. Tap into the passion within yourself, but also look externally using some of the resources I have mentioned here…Any or all can be of use for you…Don’t worry about the paragraph above about generating traffic and search engines, because we’re going to talk about that in more detail later. For now, remember to keep a consistent effort

Also, don’t worry about the last paragraph above, where I talk about generating traffic through the search engines…We will be discussing this in future posts in detail. There is a LOT more to cover when it comes to blogs, we have just begun!, because we’re going to talk about that in more detail later. For now, remember to keep a consistent effort

Remember that this whole venture is like a train…It starts slow but builds stea, over time, going faster and faster. That is what I am looking for for your blig and efforts!, because we’re going to talk about that in more detail later. For now, remember to keep a consistent effort


Dave : )

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