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Before we get started…


What is Wealthy Affiliate and how can it help you develop your own effective online marketing business?


This basic question is covered here: ==è Wealthy Affiliate – The BEST Place To Learn Online Marketing in 2017


Today in this article we will cover WHY the Premium Member membership level at Wealthy Affiliate is a wise move to make …


Let’s start by you asking yourself the following questions:


  • Are you interested in making money online?


  • Have you had bad experiences in the past with other sites or programs that promise you the massive success or millions of dollars in a week, but deliver little to nothing?


  • Have you felt like you have wasted a lot of money trying to have some degree of success at online marketing, but have little to nothing to show for it?


  • Are you frustrated and just want to get some straight advice and guidance from somewhere on how to go about designing and publishing a website or an online marketing business?


  • Do you need some help determining what niche to focus on, how to get traffic to your website and gain leads and conversions? 


  • Have you spent too much or are you still spending too much money on shiny objects (tools that seemed to provide the answer to your problem) that you are not using?


If the answers that come up in your mind are not positive, I have something that can solve all these problems and more…


It is called the Wealthy Affiliate training site and there you will learn from the starting level all the way to advanced level tactics, tips, and ground rules for creating a successful marketing site and business.

The focus of the training is ostensibly about affiliate marketing, but most of the lessons apply to all areas of online marketing.


The membership site is much more than an educational site…


Read on as I cover some of the advantages and the free tools you will have access to as a premium member…These can help you even if you are a somewhat experienced online marketer.

Before we go into the advanced benefits of being a Premium Member, let’s cover what you get starting out as a free starter member …

This gives you a good idea of just how valuable this site is for you and you will better understand why Premium Level membership is the way to go when I get into that portion of this review…


Let me explain some of the background of how Wealthy Affiliate came into life… 



Wealthy Affiliate (WA) was originally created to help would-be online marketers get a solid and proper start in the online business world…


There are two guys that together formed Wealthy Affiliate over 10 years go, and their training site is going on still, stronger than ever. Their names are Kyle and Carson, and as a member myself for 2 years now, I can say they truly care about helping people, and it shows throughout the online education platform they created…

You will see what I am talking about when you get inside…


Over the last ten years, Kyle and Carson have continually used innovation to improve the numerous and complete services offered…Today it is the number one site in thousands of people’s eyes for learning online marketing.

Starter Level Membership

Kyle and Carson have migrated to offering an absolute no-cost starter membership level to show potential long-term members what they are getting with a Premium membership….

They have called it their “Starter Membership” and when you sign up you get access to a combination of the training and the ability to interact with other members of the site. You also get access to their hosting service called Siterubix, and you can build 2 websites as a free member.

Signing up could not be easier…Add your name and email and you are off running! I have added a short video to show you how to get this done…



OK Let’s do a quick recap…


  • As a Starter Member, you get access to certain benefits for 7 days…


  • During this trial period, you will have access to the Wealthy Affiliate experience to a large degree on the same level of service as you would have as a premium level member…


  • Truly a “try before you buy,” opportunity, you do not even have to provide a credit card to be a Starter Member! 


If you are ready to start now, please click on the below link, and after providing your name and email address, you will be taken directly to the sign-up page…



If you want more information I have added more detailed bullets below to explain more fully what you get… 

Starter Membership Benefits


Benefit #1 – Interaction Within The WA Community


You will be able to directly communicate with community members (there are many thousands of members) using your profile page, commenting on other posts or profile pages, or a live chat service, all from one simple to use page. You can network directly with many members that are currently highly successful online entrepreneurs, some are millionaires or multi-millionaires even!


Benefit #2 – Free Access to Level 1 Training – “Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started”


This is entry point training and is a complete hands-on course that will get you started on building your websites, creating online assets (content) and you will understand how to ethically make money online.

Based on my experience, I can vouch that this course is heads and shoulders above all the other “free” and paid training courses I have found on the internet. I wasted my time and money before I found Wealthy Affiliate, and I want you to avoid this …

Benefit #3 – Self-Paced Training


This course is self-paced, and the site is up 24/7 so it can be accessed when you have the time available. It runs like this: In 10 lessons you will go through a series of tasks, each taking you further along in the process of establishing your online business. When you complete the training you will have a solid business foundation.

Benefit #3 – Additional Free Training, Tutorials, & Tips


It gets better…Over and above the Getting Started level training you have access to literally thousands of blog posts/training posted by other members, plus additional training tutorials and even webinar training videos.

From my personal viewpoint as a member, I have used the wide variety of training and tips almost daily over the last two years…There is always something new and current being posted…

Benefit #4 – Build Two Websites


As I mentioned above, you get access to their top of the line ‘SiterRubix’ Hosting platform plus thousands of WordPress themes. This service alone is something that will normally cost your anywhere from $8 -$20 a month elsewhere.


You can quickly (literally in 5 minutes!) have your first site up and live on the internet. From that point, you can revise, improve, shape, and add content to your site as you go through the starter training.

These two websites come at no charge as a Starter Member…You do not even need to have a domain as they can provide that … Another valuable benefit…For Free!


Benefit #5 – Interact With Community Members


If you are starting with online marketing it is nice to be able to mingle and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs. As a free starter member, you can do a live chat, you can post comments on other posts, and even publish your own content.

You can also ask questions of others if you need help…Wealthy Affiliate is a pay it forward community…From what I have seen over two years people readily share all their experiences and knowledge with one another…

Over the past two years, there have been countless times that I have received specialized help from either other members or the co-founders themselves!


Benefit #6 – Networking


As you enter this online marketing world, one task you will want to complete is getting to know who the influencers are, why they are influencers, and get started to interact with them and build a relationship with them.

Wealthy Affiliate is particularly good for this because they have the perfect platform for doing just that. Remember that when you network, it leads to more success faster …

With starter membership, you can build a list of followers, some of whom are influencers, and then start to build a relationship with them. Such people can help guide you and move you along faster with your online journey.

After the registration process, you will have your own social page set up for you where you can set up your personal profile. You can add some background of who you are, what you are looking for, and add an image or images (up to 5).

This is a good idea to do because having a completed profile with picture will result in your follower list building more quickly and get you ahead faster…


Benefit #7 – You Can Create & Post Content


Once that profile is in place (you can always update this at any time), you can then create content as a Starter Member. During the free trial period, you can create and post as many blogs as you want (there is a 3 per day limit, but if you are doing the training you will not have time for 3) on anything you want to write about.

Having gone through this, I would say it is better to stick to online business related blog posts, but many post non-related posts as well. Most members seem to stick to online or affiliate marketing related posts and use other social platforms for socializing posts.

You can’t use the benefit to promote any products or service. Wealthy Affiliate is a spam-free zone (nice!). Outside of that restriction, you are free to share whatever you want.


Benefit #8 – Make Commissions (Money) As An Affiliate 


As a free Starter Member, you are accepted as an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate. This means you can immediately use your website or social sites to promote and let others know of the benefits that Wealthy Affiliate offers and get paid when others sign up using your provided affiliate link.

Using the available information on Wealthy Affiliate, you can add information or links to Wealthy Affiliate to your posts to your contacts, This can help show others what they are getting, and help convert them to being a Starter Member too.

By the way, Wealthy Affiliate offers one of the best and highest paid affiliate programs I have seen online! This is something you can ethically promote because they are legitimate and provide tons of value. So share this on Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Facebook, etc. and get paid when they sign up! You will be doing them a favor and yourself too.

Believe it or not, you can quickly build a recurring income stream for you from monthly membership subscriptions and this is the ‘holy grail’ for online marketers and affiliate marketers alike! The Wealthy Affiliate site sells itself once people see what is there…

Because there is a lot of competition in this niche, I advise that you should not plan on making a LOT of conversions right away unless you have a list of trusted people you know that may be interested. As a Starter Member, it may be better to focus on the training and building an effective website…

Bottom Line for Starter Members: Lots of benefits for providing a simple name and email address! You will not find an offer like this anywhere else on the internet. I have compared many offers over the last 2 years, and there is nothing like this…

So if you are reading this and have NOT signed up yet but you want to get started, once again here is a button to get you started:



One Last Point…


his Starter Member level is at ZERO cost to you and there are no time restrictions on usage of the site and the benefits above…


I also have some surprise special bonuses for you, which you will receive an email with a link to read about and download from…  


Moving On…


OK, now that you understand what is provided as a Starter Member (at no cost), you can better understand differences between that level and the Premium Membership level at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are huge differences add further value for your online business as an affiliate marketer or other marketing niches such as e-commerce or training, etc.




You are likely thinking that the Starter Member level is pretty cool, and you are right. But if you are thinking there is no need to upgrade to a Premium Member with all these benefits as a Free Starter member, you would be making a mistake…

There are a lot of differences between the two.

I want to cover one difference and a total of 10 benefits that you will get as a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate.


One Difference – The Cost


There is a cost to you as a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate. But we need to relate the cost to what you receive in return. All the training and extras such as free website hosting, weekly webinars, training from others, ability to interact on a continuous basis with influencers, and advance and scale up your online business is unmatched with any other similar such site from my experience. Wealthy Affiliate teaches the latest online marketing techniques that are available and have numerous strategies that have proven to work over the long term.

Starter Membership


Remember that the Starter Member level is offered at no cost, and you do not even have to provide a credit card prior to enrolling. Absolutely no commitment…Try before you buy for 7 days…

Upgrading Process for Premium Member level Membership


During and at the end of the 7-day free trial period you will have an option to upgrade to Premium Level Membership.

If you do decide to upgrade to Premium Member level prior to the end of the free trial period, your cost for the first month will be $19 USD. This charge applies from the date you upgraded so I would wait until day 7!.

Cost of Premium Membership


After that first month of upgrading, you will be charged $49 USD a month for maintaining all the additional benefits that come with the upgrade…

Saving money on this monthly cost…There are two ways to bring this cost down considerably…


Do An Annual Subscription. If you choose to pay annually for your Premium Membership you will save a lot of money. An annual subscription is offered at a once per year cost of $359, and it paying this way brings your monthly cost under $30 USD a month…A savings of over $220 USD from paying monthly!


Upgrade During Their Yearly Back Friday Holiday Sale Period. Each year after the US Thanksgiving Holiday Wealthy Affiliate has a ‘Black Friday’. During that sale, you can upgrade to annual for even less…The actual sale price may change from year to year but I took this option two years ago and again last year and I am paying less than $25 USD a month for the Premium Level Membership.


I think you will agree THAT is a deal? Especially so when you read below about the benefits you will have as a Premium Member over remaining a Free or Starter Member …


Now that you know the difference between starter and premium level membership, plus realize how you can cut your monthly expense for membership way down let’s get into Premium Member benefits…


Premium Benefit #1 – You Get Ongoing Personal Mentoring From Co-Founders Kyle and Carson


If you are like me, from time to time direct one-on-one mentoring is needed. Guess what – you get it! I see the co-founders daily on the site helping members through chat or comments and they will also respond via email if you send them a request.

Truthfully over two years, I have used this benefit 4 times already. Each time Kyle jumped in and was there to help. I really like this benefit and will not overuse it because I know others need help too, but it is nice to know it is there, for real, the benefit is not just empty words.

Let me ask you how much do you think this personal coaching would cost you with one of the super-affiliates out there, or with a well-known IM coach? A lot more than the annual cost of being a Premium Member I can tell you, I have checked!


Premium Benefit #2 – Premium Website Hosting 


When you are a premium level member, you can have up to 25 websites hosted with no additional charges. You also have the option of having SSL, a technology that allows for secure exchange of information between your site and the site visitor’s devices…

It also means that you can develop a number of separate niches, use the sites for demos or maybe test websites (I do this), or you can also use them for special sales or squeeze pages, product sales, or even for creating membership sites.

Their proprietary website platform is called ‘SiteRubix’, and they work with some of the biggest names in the industry like Amazon. There is also a website builder tool that allows you to create a website in 3 easy steps (I have a video on this above).

They monitor your sites 34/7, have security built in against spam and hackers and an excellent support system in place 24/7 and that is very responsive. They answer any queries quickly

Another nice feature that this hosting offers is managed servers, so your sites are hosted on the server that has the least activity.

For the visitor to your website, it means your site loads quickly and navigates between pages fast, improves their experience.

In the two years that I have used the hosting, there has been one downtime for a very short period the online percentage is well above 99%. Having a reliable hosting service can save you many hundreds of dollars in lost sales over a year.

Just this benefit has saved me over $1000 USD in two years, based on the number of sites I base with SiteRubix. That is a lot of money and more than I pay for the annual subscription for membership!


Benefit #3 – Wealthy Affiliate Member Mentoring


There are many thousands of Premium Level members and from my experience, there is a regular flow of information, tips, tools, reviews, and just banter between members on a daily basis. This is a very active community that will welcome you and help as much as possible in your online marketing journey, and at no cost.

Some of these folks are quite successful with their own online marketing business, and you can tap into their expertise and chat with them on a regular basis. This is a feature I have not found anywhere else on the internet, not even on Facebook.


Benefit #4 – An Unlimited Use Keyword Tool


There is a free keywords tool that is great to get your keyword research started. Especially if you are new to the online business, you will need a tool like this to make sure that you are heading in the right direction for what to focus on as you create content people are looking for.

As you likely know by now, writing about what you think will interest people or try to guess what they want is not a good way to get attention and traffic.

You need to have a tool that will help you narrow down and select keywords or keyword phrases that people are searching for, and then include them in your content.

When you do this, the search engines will find your keywords and content and rank your page and site, and you will also get rewarded with additional traffic to your website for your effort.  You definitely want to have a way to find the keywords that are relevant to your niche and those that you have a chance to compete for attention.

The keyword tool on Wealthy Affiliate uses data provided by the major search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and when you use it properly, you will know how to research the keywords you need to use to compete.

This tool is available on an unlimited basis, and you can save lists of keywords as you develop them.

Frankly speaking, is this the only keyword tool that you will need?

Likely not because as you get more experienced with online marketing you will seek a more powerful tool, but as a starting point, this is fine. I still use it all the time, after 2 years, and at no expense. Other more powerful tools will cost you additional money for sure.


Benefit #5 – Weekly Webinars by An Expert


If you are a Premium Member, you will have access to a weekly live webinar. The training is diverse and covers many new and timely topics. From what I have seen over the two years is that the range of training offered on the webinars ranges from beginner to advanced level. They are powerful, easy to follow, and comprehensive. Well worth your time, and free.

As a Premium Member, you will also have access to the large library of recorded webinars that have been presented in the past, right from the start to the week before. They can be replayed as many times as you need, they are always available to you.


Benefit #6 – You Get Full Access to the Wealthy Affiliate Community


As a member for 2 years, I have bookmarked and can access posts, tutorials, reviews and points of interest gathered in that time. This is invaluable to me.

This database includes content that has been built since 2005 and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. As new innovations and rules come up for online marketing, likely someone will write a blog or tutorial on it.

Also, there are success stories, some very inspiring posts, tips, and even problems with answers you will have access to these as a Premium Member. It is like having your very own reference library.


Benefit #7 – Premium Member Special Training 


Practically daily there is new Premium Member only training created and published. It might include training videos, some text-based tutorials, and even full blown courses covering many topics, a variety of techniques, and some novel strategies you can use for your online marketing business.

All these will help you to refine your online skills and prowess, and this can help present your name and brand in a more professional manner to your audiences and customers. It is my opinion that this is one of the biggest benefits to the Premium Member.


Benefit #8 – Certification Level Training


As of my writing this review there are 7 levels of certification training available to Premium Members only. This goes way beyond what a Starter Member gets. I can say that you can be an expert regarding online marketing after completing all levels of the training.

This in-depth set of courses will give you a knowledge base that few internet marketers have, too many shoot from the hip, so you will set yourself apart from the masses and increase your chances of success.

Remember that the Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses include almost 70 lessons between all the levels of certification and it is only available a Premium Member. This training is also “action-based” and hands on meaning that you actually do on your sites what is being taught.


Benefit #9 –  VIP Treatment


This is truly a top level affiliate marketing training and membership site, and as a Premium Member, you have the top chance of succeeding with your online business efforts. Yes, it represents an investment on your side in regards to cash you will spend for this.

I think of it as an investment in myself, and you should think the same for yourself. When you are a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate, you are getting the best that money can buy, just as you would expect if you were paying top dollar at a well-known university. Of course, this is MUCH cheaper than a bricks and mortar university…

In my two years with Wealthy Affiliate, the staff, co-founders, and other members have treated me with respect and like a VIP. They listen and act on suggestions, and all will make the time to listen to you.


Benefit #10 – The Bright Future Of Online Sales


Did you know that more people access the internet using their mobile devices than with desktops or laptops? How about online sales…They continue to increase as they have over the past 5 years, and it will remain this way in the future…

This is a fact.

As these users shop, they want and need more and more things from the internet, and the online market keeps getting bigger and bigger.

When you are a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate you are staying abreast of all changes that happen at an ever increasing pace…This means you will always be aware of the best ways to gain access and sell to these additional shoppers.  You will be keeping up with the best marketers and ahead of most other online marketers.



Cons: None

Pros: Many

From my perspective, there are no real cons with the Wealthy Affiliate education site. I have paid for access to other training sites and none are as old or as good as this one. They often charge more and offer less is what I have seen.

Having an active community to help you is essential when it comes to online marketing. Having a library of ready reference material and tools, tips and ideas are priceless. As I said above, over the two years I have been a Premium Member, I have been on the site almost daily.

The annual and Black Friday subscription options also allow you to get all of the benefits at a super reasonable price. You can bring in a couple of new members as an affiliate, and your total cost for Wealthy Affiliate will drop to zero!


Lots or pros, no cons…Doesn’t  that sound good? 



Today we covered what Wealthy Affiliate is, what you get at the Starter Membership Level, and then covered all the advantages of upgrading your subscription from a free level to Premium Member level.

To those who may not be familiar with Wealthy Affiliate, I added a link to my review that is found right here on my site (it will open in a new window) and even provided another YouTube link to look through a video I have published on setting up your free websites.

Also, we mentioned that there are three ways to bring the monthly costs way down for Wealthy Affiliate as follows:

  • Paying for an entire year at once,


  • Waiting for the annual Black Friday sale in November, where you get even more of a break, or


  • Paying your costs for your subscription by becoming an affiliate and then promoting the site to prospects (as I am doing here).


Now it is up to you to take action to get started!

Start with the free level, where you do not even have to provide a credit card, and then use the site for the 7 days you will have access to most of the same benefits you will have as a premium member. THEN upgrade and consider the above ways to lower your costs.






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